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About Crossrider

Our company utilizes its proprietary marketing technology platforms to prospect, optimize and monetize mobile and web media. Crossrider powers all aspects of an online product to create a superb user experience. The Company offers improved retention and re-engagement rates, greatly enhancing the value of user activity.

Crossrider provides its platforms to its customers for use with their products as well as developing and expanding its own product portfolio.

Our vision is to provide and develop best-in-class digital products for our users globally.

The Innovations Program

We know what it’s like to start out. Back in 2010, we were just two guys and a skinny cat, coding away in our living rooms night after night. We worked hard, made mistakes, tried again, and took help from whomever would give it.

Today, Crossrider is a publically traded company with over 200 global employees. Our garage days are long gone – and we’ve got the knowledge, experience and resources to help your startup succeed.

Our mission? To find innovative teams with amazing technical skills who want to make their ideas happen and see their companies thrive.

In order to accomplish this mission, we have initiated 2 innovative start-up hubs in Tel-Aviv and Bucharest.


We are looking for divergent thinkers, teams who are passionate about tackling problems in unconventional ways and, who offer a unique approach to developing technological solutions, are not afraid to dream big and bring genuine value to our eco-system and industry.

We are seeking for innovative solutions in the following verticals:

Desktop and Mobile Applications
(Gaming, Utilities etc.)

Unique User Acquisition Technologies

Content Technologies
(Creation, Arbitrage etc.)

Unique Monetization Solutions

Native Advertisement Solutions

Chatbot Solutions

What do we offer ?

Inspiring co-working office space

Our office is the ultimate creative space for innovative minds, and we like to share it. You’ll find us right in the middle of Tel Aviv, near Rothschild Boulevard – the undisputed startup hub of Israel.

Mentorship Program

• Technological: We have a “black-belt-level” technological team who are eager to share their experience and their love for anything geeky.
• Business: We have the best Marketing, Business Development, UX\UI mentors to boost your product big time.

Legal and accounting support

Don’t let admin drown the innovation. We’ll help you with all the annoying bureaucratic stuff that prevents you from focusing on what really matters – your product.

Funding – No Strings attached

We believe in dating before marriage. So, before either side commits to a long-term investment, or gives up on equity, we’ll both just take it slow and get to know each other first. Having said that – we have limitless resources to use when everyone is ready to commit.


As part of the “Teddy Sagi Group” we have friends everywhere, and our friends are your friends. We can introduce you to industry leaders, influencers and investors of all kind.

Current Participants

Fans League is establishing a league for fans only. A competition that will measure and reward sport fans for their quality of support using empirical parameters and formulas.

Guggy is an API, Chat Bot and App that allows users to seamlessly send their text messages as GIFs and stickers. Our vision is to become the Google AdWords of text messages.

We collect Influencers’ branded video highlights and spread them across publishers as an integral part of articles. Users engage with content made by people, in the perfect context.

Askourt is revolutionizing the eCommerce market, allowing customers to consult and recommend products to their friends through instant messaging platforms while e-shopping.

AI based application to protect children from cyberbullying, Keepers tracks suspicious & abusive content messages on children's smartphones, and alerts parents in real-time.

Vanywhere is the first skill sharing platform that enables users to easily and immediately find the skills that they need via video, voice and chat.


Success Story



We are looking for early stage companies, prior to or during their seed round.

We are looking for teams with at least 2 founders, but no more than 10 members, where at least one of the founders has excellent proven technical capabilities.

No. You don’t need to have a live product, but you should have a demo/MVP in development.

Once you’ve filled out an online application form, we will carefully analyze your submission and decide if we can match your needs. If so, we will contact you for a face to face interview and a presentation. Please allow 2 weeks for your application to be processed.

We offer an initial residency period of 3 months. With that said, we understand that each startup is a unique snowflake with different needs, so this time period is dynamic.

We don't do cycles or batches. We host several startups simultaneously, each with its own individual schedule. You can apply for the program, or drop us an email at any time, and we'll let you know if we have a vacancy.

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